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David Vermeulen

Partner /Director

David Vermeulen is known in the (international) world of M&A corporates, real estate-related structures and International Networking.

He has a specialization in Corporate Finance, Turn-arounds Cost-Cutting, Intermediate for M&A, management strategies, Financial Planning and Investments, Real Estate related matters and daily management with in debt knowledge about Finance, Tax, Investment and Operational Optimalisation planning and reporting.

Throughout his career he has gained extensive experience in the investment and business community, international Networks and M&A.

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Tom Shiltz

Partner / Managing Director at Metiscorp SA in Luxemburg

Based in Luxembourg, we offer cross-border fiduciary services that are executed through a network of professional intermediaries in various business centres around the world: Luxembourg, Dubai, Mumbai, Mauritius, Hong Kong and Singapore. METISCORP also assists its clients in defining their objectives and consequently implementing the chosen solutions: inheritance planning, exit strategies, setting up holding and trading companies in various jurisdictions.

Our knowledge of local legislation and requirements – all in accordance with international compliance regulations -, our attention to detail, the speed of execution of our fiduciary services and our discretion have earned us the trust of a growing number of family businesses keen to preserve and grow their capital basis.

METISCORP prides itself on its many referrals by prestigious law and family offices as well as portfolio managers, investment bankers and fund managers, RE and M&A

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