Additional Corfima services

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What additional services does Corfima offer?

Strategic alliances and joint ventures

Corporate finance and structure

Corporate services

Intellectual property listing and protection

Business plan development

Financial modelling

Fairness opinions

Merger planning and execution

Capital restructuring

Debt restructuring

Additional products

Products and solutions

  • Trust, foundation, stichting (STAK) 
  • Holding and/or trading companies in various jurisdictions (HK, Sing, UAE, Lux,…) 
  • Securitisation of assets pension plan life insurance funds (Lux, UAE, Mau,…) 
  • Relocation of business activities
  • Relocation of family members, corporate finance, debt/equity, via 3rd parties
  • Portfolio advisory & monitoring

Additional services:

  • Set up of the entity
  • Non – executive director if required
  • Trustee
  • Legal and tax opinion, if needed a 3rd party
  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Audit
  • Tax declaration
  • Royalty calculations

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