We offer excellence in merger and acquisition services

You may be considering selling your company, but are unfamiliar with the procedures, your company’s valuation, how you compare with your competitors and your place in the market: in short, you are baffled by the technicalities involved. As specialists in the sale and purchase of companies (M&A), we have more than 25 years’ experience and the necessary expertise in house.  We are also part of a large (inter)national business network, to link you to the right party.

We work mostly off-market, so no need to fear disclosing your intentions to the market. We work very confidentially and you remain in control.

What we do

CORFIM&A offers assistance and consultancy in the field of SME sales assignments, Mid-market M&A, Debt & Equity Funding, M & A Advisory, Valuation and Transaction Services.

CORFIM&A has a platform of sell-, buy- and search-side mandates and we can provide companies with a wide range of financial consulting services.

CORFIM&A wishes to provide advice to companies that have a temporary or regular need for specialised knowledge, but do not want to or cannot permanently recruit someone for this purpose. Through our advice, we are convinced that we can create leverage for those companies that we assist in the realisation of their business objectives, whether this concerns the overall strategy, the financial future of the company, the Growth, the legal framework, the organisation, the risk run by the company or the managers or the overall marketing and sales strategy.