Corfima starts operations in Lier

Corfima is an office that provides national and international support and advice on mergers, acquisitions and real estate operations with a company form. From their office at 17 Duwijckstraat in Lier, David Vermeulen  primarily focus on Flemish SMEs with a turnover of 5 to 150 million euros. 

Corfima is active in all sectors except the hotel and catering industry and purely residential projects. It also supports project finance and development, investments, management, holding structures…

“Thanks to our extensive international network and the many platforms with which we have an alliance, we are usually able to maintain contacts with foreign business relations, investors and target companies”, says director David Vermeulen. ”Due to our relatively small organisation, our fees are competitive and we continue to be among today’s larger competitors”.

“Corfima operates a sell, buy and search mandate platform, and we are able to offer companies a wide range of financial advisory services. We aim to give advice to companies that need specialist knowledge but are unwilling or unable to create a permanent position in house for this”

Director David Vermeulen is well known in the (international) world of corporate M&A, real estate-related structures and international networking.